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Set on a single street in South London, Capital is a portrait of a road transformed by soaring property prices: what was once the home of modest lower-middle class families, Pepys Road has been continuously gentrified into a street of multimillion pound houses. 

The denizens of Pepys Road include investment banker Roger (Toby Jones), rubbing his hands in anticipation of his £1m bonus; his spendthrift wife Arabella (Rachael Stirling); Polish builder Bogdan (Radoslaw Kaim), who has come from Warsaw to indulge the rich in their interior decoration whims; Quentina, the Zimbabwean refugee with a PhD, working as a traffic warden (Wunmi Mosaku); local newsagent Ahmed (Adeel Akhtar); and OAP Petunia (Gemma Jones), who has lived her entire life on Pepys Road and who is now contemplating death in the house in which she was born.

One day, the street’s residents all receive an anonymous postcard through their front doors bearing a simple message: 'We Want What You Have'. Who is behind the anonymous hate campaign? And what do they want?


Broadcaster BBC One

Distributor Fremantle

Episodes 3 x 60'

First TX 24th November 2015

Executive Producers Derek Wax, 

Peter Bowker

Starring Adeel AkhtarToby Jones,

Rachael Stirling, Lesley Sharp

Written by Peter Bowker (based on the novel by John Lanchester)

Directed by Euros Lyn

Produced by Matt Strevens

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