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Updated: Mar 15

A series of photos give a glimpse of writer Steven Knight's new drama about the start of two tone and ska.

This Town has been described as a love letter to Birmingham and Coventry featuring fierce new music, the BBC said.

The six-part drama was filmed on location in Birmingham and at Knight's new Digbeth Loc Studios.

Actors Michelle Dockery and Nicholas Pinnock have been cast as leads Estella and Deuce Williams.

This Town tells the story of a band's formation set against a backdrop of violence mixing in a story of an extended family drawn into the world of ska and two tone.

The music scene exploded from the grass roots of Coventry and Birmingham in the late 70s and early 80s, uniting black, white and Asian youths, a press release said.

Peaky Blinders' creator Knight said: "It's about an era I lived through and know well and it involves characters who I feel I grew up with."

"I hope people from all over the world will relate to it."

The series will be coming to BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer in 2024.

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