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We are delighted to announce that Kudos will be rolling out an industry leading carbon reduction programme on all of our productions. For every episode of television that Kudos produces we will fund the planting of 320 trees as we look to help rebalance our carbon-heavy industry and our own carbon footprint. This will be done via a flat rate green levy in each of our production budgets going forward.

The scheme will be administered by Deputy Head of Production Ben Holt.

We’ve selected two native woodland planting schemes in the UK, both underpinned by the Woodland Carbon Code. One in Carmarthenshire, Wales and the other in the Scottish Borders.  

The Scottish Borders scheme is a particularly exciting project that will plant more than 60,000 trees across approximately 38 hectares. The project has recently been developed to “re-wild” the farm where it is based, returning it to its natural state.

The Welsh project is over 15.5 hectares, planting approximately 39,000 trees of native broadleaf woodland.

We are also looking for an English scheme to back so we can truly cover the length and breadth of the British Isles. 

We look forward to updating everyone with tree lined pictures of our very own Kudos wood!

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