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An electrifyingly drama set in a world of family ties, teenage kicks and one of the UK’s most unique music scenes, THIS TOWN tells a story of a band’s formation against a backdrop of violence. Shot through with tension, energy, and joyful, life-affirming music, as our characters strive against harsh odds, the show captures how sometimes creative genius can emerge from a time of madness. 

Broadcaster BBC One

Distributor Banijay Rights

Episodes 6 X 60'

First TX 31st March 2024

Executive Producers: Karen Wilson, Katie McAleese, Steven Knight, Paul Whittington & Martin Haines

Starring: Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Rose, Eve Austin, Freya Parks, Peter McDonald, David Dawson, Shyvon Ahmmad, Stefan Asante-Boateng, John Heffman

With Nicholas Pinnock, Geraldine James

And Michelle Dockery

Written by: Steven Knight

Directed by: Paul Whittington

Produced by: Tim Whitby & Charlotte Surtees

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